Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pajama time

I've been wanting some official pajamas to make me feel like less of a slob. Normally I wear a tshirt and my man's basketball shorts. Paired with my short hair and short stature, I feel like a 12 year old boy. I've made two pairs so far.

 I was planning on taking photos of the first pair, but I can't seem to find them. *scratches head* They turned out alright, but pretty sloppy. I made them out of a certain lost and found skirt that had a huge rip in it. It hadn't been found in a while, so I swiped it. I did manage to get a photo of it before I cut into it.

You'll have to imagine this in a tank and shorts set.
 I managed to get a big swirl over each butt cheek, cinnamon bun style.

When I went to cut it up, I realized it was home sewn. It look like it was originally a home sewn dress, that had been chopped into the skirt. Whoever made it into a skirt was super lazy. They left the seam allowance raw and sticking out and it varied in allowance by 5/8" to 3". The elastic was tied instead of sewn, they didn't close the elastic casing all the way, and the top stitching was a pink metallic while the bobbin thread was white. It sounds like something I would have done in high school, but now that I'm grown up and all, I obviously have higher standards. *nods*  I made the top with Grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank and the bottoms were curved hem athletic shorts (is there an official name for this?) from an old McCall's pattern. The instructions missing for the shorts, which I needed for the curved and bound hem. I thought they were supposed to be piped, but half way realized they needed to be bound. I also wasn't sure how to attach the side seams and they came out pretty bad. They were also too big.

Second time around I used some poly blend? twill? from my mom's stash. It actually feels a little satin-y. This fabric has been in my mom's linen closet for a long time and I remember seeing it there all through my childhood and thinking how ugly it was. Now I'm wearing it! Yahoo!

The top is from McCall's 6519 in size 10. It ended up being too small, especially around the hip and stomach, so I slit and bound the sides. I cut a size 12 for the shorts in the first pair, but went down to a 10 this time around, and now they fit how I like them. At first I thought that maybe I should have curved them hem at the sides of the top to mimic the shorts, but I saw that with both of them together, the binding makes it look like an arrow. I love it! I hereby call this pajama set "my arrow pjs"

These photos are pretty much straight out of bed, sans make up, avec bedhead.

See the arrow? Awwww, yeeeeaaah!

Tucked in, romper style!

I love having something a little more put together to go to bed and wake up in.

I think next set I'll go for something a little more romantic. Just need to find the right pattern.


  1. Those are cute. You as well. Funny. Good humor. If you're in the states and sayin "y'all", humid, speaking French... Are you Creole? Just curious. I lived in Pointe A La Hache, La. years ago. Also my X father in law was Creole from Shreveport, La. and spoke an odd French language. I had an oyster boat and worked on it myself. I lived it. Miss the south. Anyway, why don't you blog anymore? Facebook gets people reading blogs also.

    1. Oops, sorry for the late reply! I don't check this very much. Nope, not creole. I live in Hawaii, but I did spend 10 months in the south and it sort of rubbed off on me a bit. An oyster boat huh? Sounds like my husband's dream life. :)

      I don't blog any more because my time commitments shifted a little and it didn't leave much time for sewing for myself or blogging. Maybe one day I'll get back into it. I adore sewing and sewing blogs!

      Thanks for stopping by.