Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wardrobe Planning

December 2011

When I moved to a climate that had 4 seasons, including a long winter period, it took me a quite few years to figure out how to dress myself in a way that was practical and attractive. There were these things called coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, boots, and tights to consider. Why oh why did I not consult the internet for fashion advice back then? It would have saved me a lot of grief. Now that I'm back in a tropical climate, in a different phase in my life, with a fast weight gain thrown in, I face the same challenge with different considerations. 

As mentioned in my last post, I recently bought 15 patterns in an online pattern sale. I snatched them up in a hurry, as the sale was ending soon. In retrospect I wish I would have spent more time pondering what would make for a practical wardrobe. I bought too many dress patterns; ones that probably won't get much use for my lifestyle at the moment. It got me thinking that I need to come up with a practical wardrobe planning list, so I don't waste money and time. As much as I love meandering through pattern and fabric options online, I'd rather be focusing on the actual sewing.

Here's what is what is on my sewing wish list. I've included images of some patterns I already own to assess what I still need to buy.


3-4 Light weight, woven tanks
3-4 Light weight, woven, non-button up blouses
3-4 knit tops

Butterick 5610

Butterick 5495

Grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank

McCall's 6519

1 a line
1 fuller, gathered knee length 
1 maxi skirt

1-2 "Modest" church dresses
1 fancier day dress for casual weddings
1 date night dress

McCall's 5974

McCall's 6696

McCall's 5750

1 pair dark wash skinny jean
1 fun colored/patterned skinny jean
1 boot cut or flared jean
2-3 pairs of shorts
1-2 pair of leggings
1 pair linen pants/capris
Vogue 8774

McCall's 6404

1 One piece swimsuit
2-3 bikini/tankini
1-2 beach cover ups
1 pair slip on board shorts
McCall's 5400

McCall's 6552
2-3 light weight tank/shorts sets

1 hoodie
1 lightweight jacket
McCall's 6531

I will definitely need to find some patterns for shorts right away. I will also probably need a couple more pants patterns and a sleepwear pattern down the road. Other than that I realize that I'm better off, pattern wise than I realized. Whew! I'm glad I did this list. 

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