Thursday, March 21, 2013

The tanks that started the obsession.

When I made these tank tops, a light turned on in my head and I knew I wanted to sew my own clothes. After months of wearing knit tees that clung to my muffin top and failed attempts at shopping for new clothes, these  felt amazing.  I love the way they fall away from the body, which is great for the heat and humidity of where I live. I also think they are pretty dang versatile. Tucked in. . . left out. . . belted . . . under a cardigan. . . there are a lot of options to play with. These tanks have seen a lot of use since I sewed them up in January. They are Tiny Pocket Tanks (sans pockets) from Grainline patterns.

This blue floral is from my mom's old fabric stash. She has a lot of fabric from the 70s and 80s. Most of it is in bad shape and a lot of it is gross polyester, but there are a few decent things in there. It's a little too tight in the upper bust area. At first I didn't care for the print, but it has grown on me. 

blue floral woven tank top

This next tank was re-purposed from a rayon maxi dress that was too small for me. I'm pretty sure it's rayon challis. I'm not very knowledgeable about different types of fabrics yet, so I'm guessing it's challis from what I've read about challis. It stretched a bit after cutting and I had to create an impromptu pleat in the front to keep it matching with the bias tape. A bit of the seam allowance frayed out of the neckline binding in the back. Grrr. Should I try to keep it in check with super glue? I'm not ready to give this tank up.

lilac rayon challis tank top

I've sewn up another tank to use in a pajama set, which I'll post soon. I underestimated the effort it would take to get photos of finished projects. Um, modeling is totally harder than I thought it would be. Mad respect for professional models, ya'll.

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